DRAMM 400 mm HAF Fan
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DRAMM 400 mm HAF Fan

Product Code:113904

Dramm AME HAF fans represent a different theory in air movement. The AME fan offers efficiency' flexibility and simplicity. Utilizing an aerodynamic design and a high efficiency motor' the AME fan is equipped to maximize the air flow potential of any situation. When combined with speed controllers' the AME fans offer unmatched flexibility in air flow as plants grow and mature. Because of their shrouded' aerodynamic design and high efficiency motor' AME fans cover greater distances with better' more even air speeds. This results in fewer fans needed with an increase in efficacy and reduction in electrical costs.

The AME Fan system evens air flow by combining our high efficiency motor and a specialized aerodynamic design. While typical basket fans stir up the air inefficiently' the AME fan provides leverage for air movement. The result is not only increased forward propulsion but a pull from behind the fan as well. This helps to even air speeds by creating momentum throughout the house.

The AME HAF fans work best when used in conjunction with AME speed regulators. By varying the speed of the fans' increased flexibility results. For young plants slower overall air speeds are desired. As plants mature' the increase in foliar mass reduces airflow requiring higher fan output to maintain ideal air speeds. Variable speed is also useful in preventing condensation and disease' in changing greenhouse temperatures rapidly and in chemical application.

  • RPM: 1575
  • Watt: 330
  • Watt/1000m3: 62
  • dB(A): 50
  • Inom: 1.15
  • Imax: 1.8

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